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Working for Potomac homeowners year after year, we have become a part of your neighbors’ maintenance team. Rather than getting any old crew of workers (bringing water through the house, moving furniture, walking through flower beds, removing storm windows) when you call me,
I come and do the work myself!


As you know, there’s a great advantage in dealing directly with the business owner, from first call to final inspection.  I wash the windows myself while supervising my brothers. We use biodegradable mild soaps and fresh cut-squeegees. We wash all the window sills and razor-scrape the tough exteriors at no charge.  We detail everything with spotless surgical towels.  In the house, we take our shoes off and
use drop-cloths throughout.


 If you need your gutters cleaned and flood lights changed, no problem -- chandeliers and coach-lights, too. We’re in Potomac/Bethesda everyday, so it’s easy to come by if you have a request or problem.


I’m looking forward to meeting you to add so much sparkle to your home.




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Nelson Alfaro